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Heacent Open RepRap Prusa Mendel DIY 3D Printer ABS Full Print Parts - White (18 Species / 47 PCS)

£ 43.90 incl. VAT   Order


3D Printer Ultimaker v1.5.7 Control Board for Ultimaker Ulti Stepper Drive / Pololu Stepper Drive

£ 43.60 incl. VAT   Order


Stainless Steel Material Inputing Tube for Makerbot 3D Printer - Silver

Makerbot stainless steel inputing tube M6 x 26.5

£ 2.11 incl. VAT   Order


3D Printer Accessory Brass Nozzles 0.5mm Mk8 Makerbot - Golden (2 PCS)

Size: 13mm x 6mm; Weight: 2g; Nozzle accuracy: 0.5mm; Screw outer diameter: 6mm

£ 3.18 incl. VAT   Order


Universal 3D Printer Accessory Aluminum Heating Piece for Makerbot / Ultimak - Silver

Fasten thermocouple and heating tube: M3 screw; choke and sprayer: M6; thermocouple inner hole: 3.1mm; heating tube inner hole: 6.0cm

£ 2.98 incl. VAT   Order


0.4mm Copper Nozzle for Ultimaker 3D Printer - Golden (2 PCS)

£ 4.44 incl. VAT   Order


Ultimaker 3D Printer M6X20 Brass Pipe - Golden (2 PCS)

£ 3.84 incl. VAT   Order


Robatale 12 / 24V Dual-Power MK2B Heated Bed Board for RepRap 3D Printer - Red

£ 12.69 incl. VAT   Order


XY Axle Brass Sleeve for 3D Printer ULTIM AKER - Golden (4 PCS)

Quantity 4 Piece Color Golden Material Brass English Manual / Spec No Other Features Inner diameter: 0.9cm Certification N/A Packing List 4 x Copper sleeve

£ 4.90 incl. VAT   Order


RAMPS1.4 LCD12864 Intelligent Controller

£ 18.99 incl. VAT   Order


Robatale Reprap Smart Controller Reprap Ramps 1.4 2004 LCD Controller for 3D Printer

£ 14.89 incl. VAT   Order


020805 Endstop RAMPS 1.4 Mechanical Limit Switch for 3D Printer - Red

£ 3.61 incl. VAT   Order


3D Printer Control Panel Motherboard New Version Reprap Printerboard / Atmel AT90USB1286-AU - Red

£ 32.34 incl. VAT   Order


3D Printer Reprap Sanguinololu Ver1.3a

£ 42.10 incl. VAT   Order


Getech Mechanical Endstop Switch Module V1.2 Mechanical Limit Switch for 3D Printer Switch Ramps 1.4

£ 4.32 incl. VAT   Order


StepStick DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier Reprap 4-Layer PCB - Purple

£ 6.46 incl. VAT   Order


0.4mm 3D Printer Brass Nozzles for Makerbot - Golden (2 PCS)

Accurancy: 0.4mm; External diameter: 6mm.

£ 3.10 incl. VAT   Order


MK7 Stainless Steel Extrusion Wheel for 3D Printer (2 PCS)

Inner diameter: 5mm; External diameter: 12mm; M4 screw

£ 3.74 incl. VAT   Order


0.2mm Brass Nozzle Head for 3D Printer Makerbot MK8 - Brass (2 PCS)

£ 3.28 incl. VAT   Order


Funduino 3D RAMPS 1.4 3D Control Board Set - Red

£ 38.39 incl. VAT   Order


Funduino F3D 3D Control Board + 2560 r3 Control Board + 3D 1.4 Control Board + 4988 Driver Board

£ 30.98 incl. VAT   Order


3D Printer 26-tooth Gear - Brass (2 PCS)

£ 3.46 incl. VAT   Order


0.2mm Brass Nozzle Head for 3D Printer Ultimaker - Brass (2 PCS)

£ 4.74 incl. VAT   Order


Rapid Prototyping Bearings for 3D Printer - Silver

£ 1.90 incl. VAT   Order


Rapid Prototyping Bearings for 3D Printer - Silver

£ 2.99 incl. VAT   Order


Rapid Prototyping Bearings for 3D Printer - Silver

£ 1.78 incl. VAT   Order


3D Reprap Printer Mega2560 + Ramps1.4 + 4-A4988 Stepstick Driver Module Set for Arduino - Red

Copper thickness: 70um

£ 39.19 incl. VAT   Order


M6X26 304 Stainless Steel Nozzle Throat for Reprap 3D Printer Extruder 1.75mm

£ 3.11 incl. VAT   Order


3D Printer Control Board DIY Compatible for Ultimaker PCB RAMPS Dual Print EW - Deep Blue

£ 25.18 incl. VAT   Order


3D Printer 2560r3 + ramps1.4 Control Boards Kit - Blue + Red

£ 33.46 incl. VAT   Order



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